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is here to demystify and destress the school selection process


is here to demystify and destress the school selection process


Every school sounds great on paper, and school tours know exactly how to impress prospective students. So how can families figure out which school will be the best match for their child?


Cayle White Advisory Group will help you identify the school that is the right fit for your child. As parents who have gone through this journey, we provide an insiders’ perspective of the NYC area public and private schools, including special needs and Jewish Day Schools.

Who we are


"Cayle is always thoughtful in providing options to consider when dealing with

education problems. She and her team have extensive knowledge of both public and private schools and services in and around the city while also being well-versed in information about a variety of specialists who can assist in determining the specific needs of a child. To top it off, they are genuinely good people with a calm, warm and professional approach, which we have always appreciated when dealing with

stressful decisions related to our child’s education."

Lara and Jay V.


We support our families during the application and interview stage. Our team is keyed in to many schools’ admissions staff, and we will provide guidance throughout the entire process, from the open houses through the acceptances and decisions.

Our tried and proven strategies will make your application stand out and increase your chances of being accepted at your school of choice.


Whether you are a relative beginner or an experienced parent who is seeking a more enriching school environment for their child our advice will translate into cost and time savings.

You and your child will be able to relax and enjoy this important experience together.

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Expert Guidance

We help students from Kindergarten through high-school choose the academic institution that is best-suited for their educational career. We know how deeply a school can impact a child’s development and future, and we are here to help our families make the best, most-informed educational decisions.

We carefully consider a multitude of factors including school culture, academic goals, past awards and achievements, special needs resources, and parent-body community, along with all other student needs. Our goal is to introduce you to the schools where your child will not only succeed, but exceed their potential.



The Path to Success



Professional Support

We continue to follow up with our students and their families to make sure every child is thriving. We also provide referrals to a team of childhood education experts including academic tutors, speech and occupational therapists, psychologists and other educational partners.

As NYC parents we know and understand the intense competition and academic pressure facing students in our top schools. Parents of children with special needs face additional hurdles in trying to access services in a public or private setting.

Let us partner with you to make sure your children your have the tools they will need to succeed and reach their goals.

Contact us to schedule a complimentary 15 minute conversation on how you will benefit from our services!


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